The Marching Band is a huge proponent of school and community spirit at Warwick and is also a competitive performance group that competes in the Cavalcade of Bands circuit.  The band rehearses throughout the summer and fall twice a week and rehearse throughout August during band camp.  The band is made up of woodwind, brass, pit percussion, battery percussion, and color-guard members.

The band does many performances throughout the year such as: all home and away football games, Lititz Halloween parade, Saturday competitions, Lititz Memorial Day Parade, Homecoming pep rally, and many other community performances.

Warwick Marching Band 2017

Deja Vu is a French term – literally meaning “already seen.” It describes the uncanny feeling you’ve experienced something before, but can’t put your finger on when or where. This year’s show is comprised of original music composed and arranged by Ian Grom and John Mapes.

The Warwick Marching Band is led onto the field under the direction of drum major Abby Beatty.

The band would like to thank the Warwick School District Board of Directors, Administration, Superintendent Dr. Hershey, Principal Mrs. Szobocsan, Warwick Staff, Bombergers of Lititz, Russell Dicks of Thrivent Financial, and the Warwick Band Parent Organization for their continued support.





You may have heard by now, the Warwick Marching Band will have new uniforms for the 2016 marching season.  The question was – What do we do with the uniforms we have been using for more than 10 years???  They are too abused to be sold to another school.  The uniform company offered a solution.  They take the old uniforms, de-construct them, and turn them into throw pillows.

We will have a limited number of these uniform pillows for sale at $50 each.  The funds will go towards purchasing concert attire for students.  You can sign up for a “pre-sale” pillow here – Band Pillow Reservations



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