Sectional calendars can be found outside of the band room, on the band room announcement board across from Mr. T’s office, and in the band room.  Students are required to attend 2 sectionals (out of 9) each marking period but are encouraged to attend as many as they are able to attend!  During the first marking period students need to attend at least 1 sectional.  Before reporting for a sectional students must check in with their regular teacher to get any work they may miss and also to make sure they will not miss a test or quiz.  Students are not permitted to miss a class they are failing for a sectional.  Every student will sign in to the “sectional sign-in” book located at the front of the band room at the start of each sectional they attend.

Sectional Calendar can also be found here.

Guidelines for sectionals:

1.)  A student cannot come down for a sectional if they have a test, quiz, or project presentation in their regularly scheduled class.

2.)  A student cannot come down for a sectional if they are currently failing their regularly scheduled class when sectionals take place.

3.)  Students must have their instrument and all music for participation in a sectional.  If a student does not have their instrument or music they will be asked to return to their regularly scheduled class.






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