All members of the Symphonic Band are required to attend at least one (1) sectional per marking period.  This totals at least four (4) sectionals for the year.  Members of the band are encouraged to come to more than this amount and  students will receive a 1% boost to their marking period grade for each extra sectional they attend. 

Sectionals meet during the school day and students will need to be excused from another class or study hall to attend.  In the event that a student cannot miss any class periods during the entire marking period there will be a make-up sectional at the end of each term after or before school.  The exact date and location will be announced to the full band closer to the end of the marking period.

The Sectional Schedule can be found HERE.

Guidelines for sectionals:

1.)  A student cannot come down for a sectional if they have a test, quiz, or project presentation in their regularly scheduled class.

2.)  A student cannot come down for a sectional if they are currently failing their regularly scheduled class when sectionals take place.

3.)  Students must have their instrument and all music for participation in a sectional.  If a student does not have their instrument or music they will be asked to return to their regularly scheduled class.

4.)  Upon arriving to the band room, the student should sign in in the sectional attendance book so that their attendance can be recorded for grading.  It is the student’s responsibility to sign in for attendance so they may receive a grade.

****Hard copies of sectional calendars are also posted in the band room and outside of Mr. T’s office.

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