Warwick Uniform Band Pillows!!

Marching Band gets New UniformsPa_warwick_revision_2.15.16-2

The Warwick High School Marching Band returns to the field this year with an all new look for 2016.

After more than 10 years, the band’s uniforms are being refreshed and updated.  The uniforms will retain Warwick’s colors of black and red, but will feature a sleeker style and fit.   Other new features include a new collar cut to make playing instruments easier, new shirts, and new marching shoes.  Most exciting to parents, the new uniforms are machine washable.  A fundraising campaign is underway now to re-brand the Marching Band’s trailers to match the new uniforms.

DSC_0184With new uniforms comes the question of what to do with the old ones.  As they were too worn to be sold to another school, the uniform company offered another option.  Keepsake Pillows.  Now available to Alumni and the general public, the band’s old uniforms are being transformed into attractive throw pillows.  Priced at $40 each, roughly $20 from each sale goes towards purchasing concert attireMaddie for students so families of concert band students do not need to purchase formal clothing for concerts.  Delivery is by September 22, 2016 and pillows will be sold at the band’s Pep Stand during home football games.

Pillows can be purchased, using check or credit card, by visiting the band’s on line store – click HERE.

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